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Typical dishes

Noteworthy typical dishes include:

Sopas mallorquinas
Cooked in an earthenware dish and comprising a variety of vegetables and Majorcan bread, cooked with or without meat.

Llayers of thickly cut potato, aubergine and red pepper, all fried with a tomato sauce: a simple and popular recipe.

Porcella rostida
Roast suckling pig.

A chicken or turkey stew with chopped almonds

Frito mallorquín
Made with pork, rabbit, onion, etc. A very popular dish with locals and visitors.

Pa amb oli
Majorcan bread combined with various typical cured meats, ham and cheese.

It is also worth mentioning the great variety of fish-based dishes, including rice, stews, baked, boiled, and served in escabeche sauce.Majorcan deserts are also recognised within gastronomic culture. The most common are “ensaimadas”, made of flaky pastry, with sugar, eggs and lard (“saïm”), “coca de cuarto”, “robiols”, “crespells” and “bunyols”.