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Typical gastronomic products

The most popular of the typical Majorcan products that you will find in Palma include:

Sausage with protected geographical indication. This raw meat product is made from selected cuts of minced pork, seasoned with paprika, salt and spices; it is stuffed into an intestine casing and is slowly and carefully matured according to the experience acquired generation after generation. The flavour is subtle and pleasant with an after-taste of spices.

Product with protected geographical indication, described by Josep Pla as "the lightest, most airy and delicate thing in this country's confectionery". Its distinctive spiral shape makes it stand out from any other pastry. It is sold in different sizes and can be plain or filled with pumpkin jam.

Majorcan Almonds
"Almendra de Mallorca", "Almendra Mallorquina", "Ametlla de Mallorca" and "Ametlla Mallorquina" are the names by which the fruit of the almond tree (Prunus amygdalus)  that is intended for human consumption is known. It is traditional to the island of Majorca and is served raw or toasted, with or without its skin.

Majorcan Oil
Extra virgin olive oil with designation of origin, made in Majorca from olives of the Mallorquina, Arbequina and Picual varieties. Depending on how ripe the olives are when picked, they are divided into two types: fruity and sweet. The fruity type come from the earlier collections, the sweet type, from riper olives is characterised by its golden yellow colour, sweet flavour and spicy notes.

The Protected Designation of Origin "Aceituna de Mallorca", "Aceituna Mallorquina", "Oliva de Mallorca", "Oliva Mallorquina" covers three types: green, split green and natural black. These are table olives of the native Mallorquina variety, partially fermented in brine. The split green olive is also flavoured with fennel and chilli, and the black natural olive is flavoured with Majorcan PDO Oil.

Binissalem Designation of Origin Wine
Distinctive and distinguished red, rosé, white and sparkling wines with Designation of Origin. These are principally made from grapes of the native Manto Negro and Moll varieties. The red wines have a high alcohol content, a strong personality and a good body, and are well balanced and suitable for laying down. The white wines are distinctive, delicate and fruity.

Vino de la tierra Mallorca
Vinos de la tierra (regional wines) made on the island of Majorca from the prensal (moll), chardonnay, macabeo, malvasía, muscat of de Alexandria, petit grain muscat, parellada, riesling, sauvignon blanc, viognier and giró ros white grape varieties, and from the callet, manto negro, cabernet sauvignon, fogoneu, merlot, monastrell, syrah, tempranillo, pinot noir and gorgollassa red grape varieties.