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Krekovic Museum


Kristian Krekovic was 7 years old when he started to paint innately; he showed this quality throughout his life, supplying our culture with a number of portraits with different techniques that he learnt in the best art schools and academies in Vienna and Paris. By painting portraits of major figures he could live comfortably and paint at the level of the major painting competitions.

In 1925 the Salon des Artistes Français opened its doors to him. Three years later, in 1928, he took part in the Bordeaux International Exhibition where he won a Gold Medal and Diploma of Honour. From that date on his fame spread over two continents (Europe and America). Royal families, politicians and European and American personalities asked to be painted by him; these portraits are currently in private collections who do not wish to sell the works, as they decorate palaces, institutional buildings and many homes. The museum, including the building and the pictorial and archaeological works, was generously and selflessly donated to the people of Spain and Mallorca by Kristian Krekovic and his wife Sina; and was officially opened in February 1981, with the honorary presidency of Her Majesty Queen Sofía and a special presentation speech by the writer Gaspar Sabater before Her Majesty the Queen.

It has an impressive area of 5,184 m2, with 2,136 m2 of floor space (with a future second floor planned and prepared for) where part of the local and international collection can be seen.